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Numerous natural phenomena will leave all Dubrovnik Riviera visitors breathless.

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The Dubrovnik Riviera stretches from the Neretva River delta to Cape Oštir on the southernmost part of Croatia. The riviera is thus divided into two parts: the lower Neretva River valley with a natural connection to the interior of Croatia and the low coastal area at the foot of the Dinara Massif. The most characteristic islands include: Korčula, Mljet, Lastovo and Elaphiti Islands.

The coastline is absolutely riddled with bays, exotic sandy beaches, steep cliffs exposed to the sea and numerous forested islands with towns. Thick vegetation with cypress trees, pine trees, olive trees, vineyards, lemon and orange plantations, palm trees, agave plants and cacti create a special Mediterranean feel. The DubrovnikRiviera is full of historic cities with a rich natural and cultural heritage as well as renaissance villas surrounded by parks and gardens. These towns and cities are: Dubrovnik - the pearl of the Mediterranean, Korčula, Ston, Lopud, Trsteno, Slano, Mali Ston, Orebić, Lastovo, etc.

Numerous natural phenomena will leave all Dubrovnik Riviera visitors breathless: Rudine, the valley of Majkova, Stonsko Polje, Ombla, the Mljet National Park with its lakes, the Lokrum Reservation, etc. The DubrovnikRiviera tourism offer will satisfy even the most demanding of visitors.

Dubrovnik - a city that is justly called the "pearl of the Adriatic". Dubrovnik has been the cultural capital for many centuries. The city is surrounded by nearly 2 km long walls and towers that open up to magnificent views of the sea and the city's surroundings. Dubrovnik has been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List for 30 years. Churches, monasteries and museum were built using finely sculpted stone that harks back to the city's tumultuous history and characteristic artistic tradition. Dubrovnik is a city with a very rich tourism offer and numerous beaches and is known for comfort and fun both during the day and at night.

Cavtat - a town of magnificent beaches, villas and hotels, lush vegetation and many bays. The Cavtat coastal towns are surrounded by small islands. Here, you can enjoy the tranquillity of isolated bays and coves, long walks by the sea or active holidays featuring sports-recreational, fun and cultural programmes.

Mlini is located in the Župa Bay, 7 km south-east of Dubrovnik. The name Mlini (mills) comes from the mills on the ZavreljaRiver that is a rich source of drinking water and which still runs through the town. In addition to its historical and cultural heritage from ancient times, the town will mesmerise you with its beaches that have been well-known for centuries. Plentiful moisture and sun have contributed to the creation of fragrant Mediterranean gardens which transformed the town into a unique ecosystem in the Adriatic.

Klek - a town with around 200 people who are involved in agriculture, fishing and lately also tourism. Klek boasts large gravel and illuminated walking paths along the sea – Lungo Mare which connects Klek to Radalj. Sports and active holiday enthusiast will enjoy the many sports activities such as cycling, table tennis, mini golf, hiking and diving in the Adriatic Sea. The town is ideal for family vacations as well.

Lopud Island - Lopud is located north-west of Dubrovnik and is part of the ElaphitiIslands comprising the group of following islands: Šipan, Lopud, Koločep, Jakljan, Ruda, Goleč and Crkvine as well as a few smaller islands. The island has a single settlement also named Lopud and also has two wonderful bays: LopudBay and Šunj. There is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic in ŠunjBay. There are no cars on the island so you can enjoy peace and tranquillity.

Trsteno - a romantic town known for its 500 years old monuments and giant Asian trees. The Trsteno Arboretum has gorgeous gardens, an aqueduct and a Baroque fountain with Neptune and nymphs.

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