Severno-jadranski otoki

North-Adriatic islands

Here, you will encounter the traditional way of life tied to the sea as well as many authentic island towns.

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Krk, Rab, Lošinj, Pag and Cres are the largest inhabited islands and are considered to be the gems of the north Croatian Adriatic. Here, you will encounter the traditional way of life tied to the sea as well as many authentic island towns with a diverse tourist offer.

The towns on these islands were built on the old town centres and walls from antiquity featuring a stone archaeological architecture, while they are now the location of family villas and hotels boasting a long history – the best known of these are the Lošinj villas. The architecture here goes back to antiquity and the Middle Ages and also features modern architectural creations with the Austro-Hungarian architecture also leaving its mark.

Rab Island has beautiful sandy beaches where the sea depth increases slowly and where the sand has healing effects.

Cres Island is famed for lamb dishes and quality cheeses as well as its entirely rocky landscape that stirs the imagination as it gives you the feeling of being on another planet.

Lošinj Island and its lush vegetation and ancient architecture is very popular as a tourist destination and known as the fishing centre of the Adriatic.

Krk Island is known for its autochthonous grape varieties, with the best-known wine being Vrbnička žlahtina, which is produced by many winegrowers who store it in their famous wine cellars. There are numerous wine shops in Baška (on KrkIsland) that offer acclaimed wines.

Pag Island is known worldwide for the Pag cheese and lace as well as for the wild parties on Zrče beach where young people party till the early morning hours. In the embrace of the sea, we will encounter many natural wonders and enjoy various summer events. The island offers plenty of recreation options as well as original local cuisine and local wines.

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